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Lab equipment

For the gemstone identification process, the following gemmological equipment is available to our team of independent gemmologists, as required by CIBJO regulations.

Primary gemmological equipment:

After an initial observation with the naked eye and a 10x triplet loupe, the gemmologist proceeds with measuring different physical and chemical characteristics with:

  • Hydrostatic scale
  • Polariscope
  • Conoscope
  • Visual refractometer
  • Handheld spectroscope
  • Several colour filters
  • SW/LW UV-light
  • Dichroscope 

Results from these instruments can disclose the general identity of a precious stone.

To get a deeper insight into the origin (natural or man-made) and possible treatments of the specimen, the gemmologist could analyse the item’s inclusions through an immersion microscope, specifically set up horizontally for gemstone analysis.

Someone who is inspecting a gemstone with a magnifier
Placing a gemstone in a UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer

Analytical gemmological equipment:

Sometimes, the traditional gemmological equipment is unable to provide conclusive or comprehensive results about a gem’s origin, colour origin or possible treatments.

To determine the characteristics of these features,  the gemmologist will use a UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer and an FTIR spectrometer.

AI assistance

The IJGC lab also invests in the development of an internal program/app based on artifical intelligence.

This program will support the gemmologist during the identification process, to optimise the decision path and to cancel out any human errors during post-processing.

using AI to hep with the documentation of Gemstones

Colour descriptions on identification reports

The colour descriptions of the gemstones are determined in accordance with the "World of Color"-system from Gemworld International.
A gemstone in sealed packaging, GemLock by IJGC.

Box with window

The specimen is placed between two transparent vacuum foil membranes. These membranes serve as a window to view the gem from all angles and to keep the gem in place.

The box frame serves as a carrier of all basic information of the item and of all required authenticity elements, which transform the box into the GemLock.


The label, showing the details of the examined item, encloses the box. An intact label (no signs of tears, cuts, etc.) can ensure that your GemLock is authentic.


The custom-designed seal is a tamperproof cover over the label, which will clearly show the words ‘OPEN GemSet VOID’ across the label when it has been removed.


The hologram is an extra component to mark the GemLock as being your unique and genuine unit.

An intact hologram – fully present with a typical metallic shine, with the correct three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light and without signs of tears – can ensure that your GemLock is authentic.

Matching security codes

The report number (f.e. 12345-12345) and the security number (combination of numbers and letters) on the left side of your GemLock are a unique combination.

The correct match of your report and security number can be checked on request at any time, by email.

GemLock and GemReport

You can check that the information on the label matches your original GemReport by using the QR code on the front left-hand side of the GemLock.


The GemDox provides high-quality photos from five different angles of the identified gem, taken while sealed in the GemLock, and the report itself.

This gives an online representation of the gemstone identical to the physical one.

Overview of report content

  • Identity
  • Variety/species
  • Natural / synthetic / artificial product / composite / reconstruction
  • Enhancement
  • Weight (ct.)
  • Measurements (mm)
  • Colour (according to the “World of Color”-system)
  • Clarity
  • Transparency
  • Cut (style + shape)
  • Optical effects (if present)
  • Comments with extra information about treatment, surface features, etc.
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About GemSet

International Jewellery and Gems Certifiers was founded with a view to offering certification solutions for the gemstone and jewellery trade. What first began as a way to reform the pricing and sealing tradition in the gemstone-certification sector, evolved into the development of an automated system that supports IJGC’s own identification and reporting flow and helps traders to manage their digital stock and online sales.

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