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The all-in-one solution for your
secure gemstone certification

GemSet is a certification, secure packaging, and digital filing system that makes the gem trading business future-proof.
A gemstone in sealed packaging, GemLock by GemSet.


The GemLock is a crystal-clear sealed packaging system that keeps your precious stone safe in all situations and visible from all angles. The box includes the core data as well as the QR code for the online GemReport. This ensures the two products are linked at all times.

Mockup van een iPhone met get GemSet GemReport op


The GemReport is a secure digital identification document. It is permanently accessible online using the QR code on the GemLock and it includes all of the identity information you need to describe your specimen accurately.

A mockup from the GemDox files


GemDox includes your GemReport and a set of premium quality photographs of the gem, taken from all angles, in its GemLock. This set of documents provides a precise digital representation of your gemstone. It allows you to maintain an accurate overview of your stock and is ready for use in any e-commerce environment.

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A GemLock with dummy gemstone and GemReport as a free sample


€25 or €35
The minimum fixed price of a GemLock and GemReport is 25 euros, regardless of carat weight. If an item requires more research, the fixed price of 25 euros rises to 35 euros. Consult our Gem Acceptance Table for more information and to check which items are suitable for our service. These prices are excl. VAT.
€37,50 or €47,50
GemDox is an optional add-on to the GemLock + GemReport.
These prices are excl. VAT.

Why choose GemSet?

  • Secure packaging
  • Extra security and reliability
  • Full gemstone visibility
  • Efficient inventory and indexation
  • Report and gemstone are forever inseparable
  • Accurate online gem display
  • Hassle-free handling
  • Certification issued by an independent party
  • Your entire collection at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

About GemSet

GemSet was launched by
International Jewellery and Gems Certifiers (IJGC) with a view to offering certification solutions for the gemstone and jewellery trade. What first began as a way to reform the pricing and sealing tradition in the gemstone certification sector, evolved into the development of an automated system that supports IJGC’s own identification and reporting flow and helps traders to manage their digital stock and online sales.

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